Our Facilities.

We are based in Old Saint Mary’s Hospital, a Victorian landmark on Oxford Road in Manchester, which has been transformed internally into a modern assisted conception facility. We are located on the same campus as the Manchester Royal Infirmary and the new Saint Mary’s Hospital. This means that you can be confident that you are at all times receiving your treatment within the most

modern and comprehensive healthcare and research facilities in the North of England. We have newly refurbished our patient areas, offering a clean and welcoming environment for consultations, ultrasound scans and blood tests, as well as a comfortable waiting area.

Individuals and couples requiring support are seen in counselling rooms in a discrete and calm atmosphere.

Our laboratories

Our laboratory facilities were among the first in the country to be upgraded to the high standards required by the national regulator for air quality and environment. We have obtained cutting-edge equipment, enabling us to provide all fertility treatments that are supported by scientific research. Our equipment includes Embryoscopes, which allow continuous video monitoring of developing embryos and selection of the most viable embryos for transfer. As part of our commitment to giving you the best chance of having a baby, we offer Embryoscope to all patients who meet the criteria for its use, at no extra cost.

The safety and security of your eggs, sperm and embryos is taken very seriously by our laboratory service. Our laboratory is equipped with a special technology called RI Witness – an identification system designed to eliminate the risk of errors in the IVF laboratory using radiofrequency identification of all your critical samples.