EmbryoGlue is a culture medium used at the time of embryo transfer to improve the chances of implantation. The “glue” component is a naturally occurring molecule called hyaluronate, which is found in many parts of the body including the cumulus cells surrounding the egg and in the lining of the womb. Hyaluronate may act as a glue to help the embryo implant, or it may improve implantation in some other way including possibly stimulating embryo development. As part of our research programme we are looking at how EmbryoGlue works on the human embryo. There is high quality “gold standard” evidence from a Cochrane review of a number of prospective randomised controlled trials showing that the use of hyaluronate improves success rates. We are pleased to be able to offer EmbryoGlue as part of our routine clinical service as we believe that all patients should benefit from this.